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DuVäl Design, LLC (DDLLC) is a full-service interior design firm, driven by the desire to reflect the lifestyle and personality of each client they serve. Having landed a coveted position at California Closets (CC), leaders in premium and luxury space-management, DuVäl established a twelve-year long foundation centered around design-organization, spatial planning, and project administration. He ended this invaluable career as their Design & Sales Director, overseeing the entire team for the DC Metro area: all design-training, project reviews, product ordering, and assigned as the CAD and Product Specialist. With a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design he eventually dived head first into his own business in the fall of 2017. Now honored by magazines as “The One to Watch” and “Hot Talent”, DDLLC is known for clean, current, and personable design, with an ever-expanding portfolio. His designs grace the lines of eclectic contemporary to high-end modern luxury. Projects range from one-room, turn-key deliverables, to completely custom homes, often partnering with local developers to provide design for new-builds. With proven systems in place, he specializes in creating a design experience that allows the client to continue their lively schedules, while he and his team unobtrusively create the perfect space the client never knew they deserved! DuVäl has been featured in Business of Home, Reveal Magazine, The Washington Post, Home&Design Magazine, and others.

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Duval Reynolds Headshot_website

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