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Rachel Cannon believes the world of interior design has left the introvert behind, and now is the right time to change the conversation. Working primarily with introverted, creative entrepreneurs (and a few special extroverts), Rachel guides clients to lean in at home and in their businesses by helping them harness their unique capabilities and needs as introverts. In a world where professionals are expected to be on the clock 24/7, constant connectivity is rewarded, and open floor plans are lauded as the only “right” way to update a home or have a productive team at work, Rachel educates her clients on the importance of boundaries and quiet rooms so their energy can be preserved, both at home and at work. A self-proclaimed Loudmouth Introvert, Rachel’s purpose in design and in business is to break down the culture of our society, which is set up for extroverts to succeed.


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Rachel Cannon Headshot_website

Rachel Cannon

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